Shanghai Ye-Lian Industry Co.,Ltd. was established in 2003,it specializes in different series of mannequins.Till now,our have provided our customers with over 900 types of mannequins, such as kids,women and men mannequines. We also sell different kinds of clothes hangers, best-price cars and display products.And we can offer mannequins rental service as well.Being devoted to providing a great variety of mannequins with higher quality and better after sales service, Ye-Lian has already been one of the fast growing leaders in the Mainland Chinese market.


In 2005,we started our own production and established Shanghai Ye-Liang Commercial Facilities Co.,Ltd in Shanghai.Ye-Liang is technically supported by KYOYA.We keep on imporving our technology and research to produce better quality products for our customers with different requirements.From 2005, we not only produce KYOYA mannequin collections,but also produce OEM(original equipment manufacturing) orders from Australia,USA,Germany, Spain,Middle East,Japan,South Korea and some other countries and regions,and now our products are very popular, among our customers,it also be the choice of some famous brands.


Our Mission.

Ye-Lian will always be dedicated to provide the higher quality mannequins and display products,thus can show the different styles of different clothes better and can also help the fashion designers to have better inspiration and embody their creativity beyond limitation.


The company has always been in commercial activities focus on reputation, quality assurance, on-time delivery.

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Division I has passed: ISO9002: 2004 international quality system certification! ISO14000 international environmental certification system Green!

Clothing window display models, hangers, atmosphere props, professional production, quality selection!





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Supply of sexy models, enchanting models... ...

And sell all kinds of hangers, special car...


Supply of sexy models, enchanting mannequins... ...

And sell all kinds of hangers, special car...


Supply of sexy models, enchanting mannequins... ...

And sell all kinds of hangers, special car ...

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